Struggling with time management

I’m still stuck this month and unhappy about it. My earlier question is titled “I am making myself nuts over the homework!”. You stated “It sounds to me like you are trying to make too many changes and aren’t constrained enough. This is why I recommend one main focus.” But I’m only focusing on one goal – losing weight. I’m getting tons done b/c I’m not buffering with food. But planning my food and what I have to do to lose weight is easy. I have no trouble fitting that on the calendar and doing it.. no challenge at all there.

I’m in total chaos over the step 5 – “Now create a plan for every day .. this will include everything you want to do daily on purpose.” That’s the part that wrecks me. What do I put for that? Everything that I actually already do every day… Run with dogs? Go to work? Clean house? Hike? etc…. I mean I DO that stuff without needing a calendar.. but if I write it all down for every day… it demotivates me… it looks horrible on paper but it’s no issue if I just do it. So just not sure here… just write down my big goal stuff? too easy. Write the stuff I do without needing to track it? why?

I feel like I’m supposed to be holding myself accountable using the calendar… my goal is too easy from a time management perspective… buy food, prep food, eat food. Simple. The work is in the emotional stuff. I guess I feel like I’m missing out on the lesson and not getting this right. Should I just add a goal to plan around at my job? That would be more challenging… and just skip all the wash dishes, clean house, pay bills stuff that I’m going to do without planning?