Struggling to Find the Result Line

I am a runner who is experiencing pain from a muscle strain when I run. My friend Judith has arthritis in her knee and she runs on it anyway. We are currently training for a marathon and I have been sidelined because of this injury. I’m frustrated and disgusted with myself because I want to be ready for the marathon and I feel like I’m letting Judith down. She has pain and just powers through it. I feel like I am weak because I don’t.

I am struggling to find the result in this model and could use some outside eyes on it to help me out.

Here is my model:
C Pain when running
T I should just suck it up and keep going like Judith does
F Disgusted
A Judge myself, should myself, imagine Judith is judging me, beat up on myself, tell myself I’m a wimp, tell myself to get over it, tell myself I’m being a big baby, don’t take care of myself, don’t be gentle with myself, get angry, try to tough it out, cause more pain, look for quick fixes, don’t allow for weakness, don’t allow the healing to take place, believe I am making it all up, put pressure on myself to keep going through the pain, hope it will get better if I keep going, stop when it gets worse, believe I’m letting Judith down, get frustrated with myself
R ?