Stuck in River of Misery

I am feeling stuck in the river of misery and need some help please! I’ve gone through the overeating workshop and am almost done working through the workbook. I’ve come up with some intentional thoughts to replace desire-producing thoughts and have a protocol with pre-planned food each day. I still find though that I am having excessive desire and lots of intrusive focus/thoughts about food.

What’s the best way to “practice” intentional thoughts? Read them over every morning? Remind myself of them in the moment? How do I know when I’m finally through the river of misery and can focus on something else?

When I’m practicing new thoughts am I still doing a new model every day? How do I avoid becoming overwhelmed with the amount of new thoughts I am practicing? (I’m still doing the daily confidence homework for June).

What if the problem seems more to be excessive thoughts about food? I don’t think I need replacement thoughts as much as less thoughts. (The amount of time/effort/brain power that I currently spend on eating/not eating seems excessive).

Thank You!!