Study Hall – Krista

I just wanted to say Thank You for study hall this month with Krista. It was exactly what I needed to hear today, which is why I am constantly reminded why I love SCS. I am almost diamond! I started last January and I am so excited about continuing in this journey. I had the most challenging day yesterday. The most challenging in many months- such a place of negative emotion and negative thoughts. Thanks to Krista and the homework this month — this is all part of the journey. It is supposed to be hard.

I was in a training course this week and it has been hard. But now that I reflect such a growth opportunity for me. It is supposed to be hard, that is one of the reasons I signed up. To continue to grow and learn and live my purpose which is to live the best version of me. The evolution of each step is hard! And yesterday was certainly that.

I listened to the recording of study hall this morning and I am going into my day practicing some intentional models that will keep me out of doubt and uncertainty. I have so much more confidence today because of it!

Thanks to SCS and all staff and coaches. This is good work!