Suffering from Addiction (picking my skin obsessively)

I have had an ongoing, very painful issue.

I have picked at my skin (until it bleeds, until I create scars, until I have to cover my skin because I feel such shame). I have done this for many, many years. I am one of those people who devours self-help books. I have worked on myself, on my thinking for forever. I consider myself to be a very mindful, thoughtful person. This is one of the issues in my life that leaves me feeling very powerless and without answers. Picking at my skin causes me to be so tense/anxious. It takes me out of the moment I am in. Moments when I could be relaxing, breathing, just BEing, I often pick at myself. The condition of my skin very much gets in the way of me being intimate with my husband.

I would so love and appreciate some support around this. Thank you.