Supporting self

Hi! Thank you for all of your work.
My life-partner of 6 years left me about a month ago. She was the breadwinner while I was building my coaching practice, it has been very sparse, 5 clients at once then none for 6 weeks, etc… I know I have thought work to do around attracting clients, creating packages, content, consistency, etc… She is going to “cut me off” financially in May (a whole other story but not getting into that now) and I need to come up with about $6,000 a month to sustain my current lifestyle and my kids. I still love her beyond belief and feel deep in grief as I lose her and the security I thought I would have to create my business. My energy has been low in generating enthusiasm and drive toward my business which does not help.
My question is should I return to my previous work (which was deadening and took me years to recover from–nursing–at this point night shift and it still won’t cover all my expenses so I would need additional work) or do I just keep managing my mind around life coaching and believe that it will provide the income I need if I keep taking massive action?