Supportive of ME!

This might just be a Thank You note…

Here’s what I’m noticing… The Model is neutral to all of my circumstances/facts “fact-y” facts 😉 (thank you, Jody)
But The Model is ALSO 100% supportive of ME! <3

(insert happy-tears here)

I could, if I choose, argue ’til my dying breath for my circumstances to NOT be neutral and my thoughts to be facts and my feelings to be totally at the mercy of my circumstances, etc… BUT what I’m starting to witness is that’s not actually supportive of ME — who I REALLY AM!

An intentional Model is 100% believing in me, having my own back, finding me lovable and worthy, showing me my own personal power!


I really have “changed my past,” lost 36 pounds so far since joining SCS back in Dec 2018, improved my relationships (with myself and others), helped me practice noticing my feelings, feeling my feelings, and deciding if that’s what I want. Decisions used to be a total nightmare for me… SO afraid of “getting it wrong,” feeling like every decision was jumping off a life-threatening cliff… but now, now I see that I am capable of creating “the best possible outcome” no matter which I choose.

Seriously, my “before” joining Scholars was a long list of regrets (which created so much pain for me thinking that way). Now, all of it… the C’s in my control and the C’s out of my control from my past have been washed clean in my mind.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love my life. I love my life right now and I love everything that got me to right now and I love where I’m going with my bad-ass, freedom-loving Future-Self <3

And I notice that I still need coaching, self-coaching and outside coaching, but I don’t make that mean that there is something “wrong” with me, which is amazing and so freeing.

Thank you!