T: Having the "perfect" body = belonging

I’d like any insights and/or alternative ways to consider the following UM and IM. Specifically, I feel like there’s a dimension to these models that I’m missing because usually the R is more directly and obviously related to the T, and this is not the case with the first 2 models below. Is it because I’m trying to smush 2 different thoughts into a single model? If yes, is there a more helpful model(s) to consider?

C: My body
T: Having the “perfect” body will bring me the belonging I crave.
F: Desperation
A: Spending time trying to “fix” my body. Spending money on finding the “fix” to my body. Spending time on finding the “fix” to my body. Buying clothes and beauty products. Jealousy towards others for their bodies. Jealousy towards others who I perceive belong. Judgement of others. Judgement of myself. Time spent not liking my body
R: Since I still don’t have the “perfect” body, I don’t feel like I belong.

C: My body
T: Having a perfect body isn’t what will bring me belonging
F: Self-acceptance
A: Let go of the pressure to discipline myself in mean ways. Less money + time spent on seeking material ways of “perfecting” myself. Consider other ways of creating feelings of belonging in myself. Let go of self-judgement. Be less judgmental / jealous of others. Enjoy food more. Enjoy movement and experience more joy in the movement itself (it’s no longer a means to an end – i.e., dance is no longer = exercise = need to have a perfect body.)
R: Lighter + happier in my current body.