Taking care of myself


I would like your advice on these models.

Here is the context :
I am kind of a lazy person (I know it is a thought and usually not true. Lol.) But when taking care of myself, putting make up, brush my hair to be beautiful. I don’t really care and I am lazy. I have always been more sacrificial for others than taking care of myself. Still thoughts I know.

Unintentional model 1

C Taking care of myself
T Not today, I will do it next time
F Lazy
A Doing it may be once and stop
R Not taking care of myself

Intentional model 1

C Taking care of myself
T I want to be beautiful and be attractive to men
F Not credible
A Do nothing
R Don’t take care of myself

C Take care of myself
T It will clear my mind
F confident
A Smiling at the mirror while taking care of myself
R Confident about myself and my beauty

Unintentional model 2

C Beautiful and attractive
T Too shy for that
F Not confident about myself
A Let it go
R Not beautiful

Intentional model 2
C Beautiful and attractive
T To be confident about being a woman
F Powerful
A Taking care of my self
R Having success with men

All don’t sound credible, and I put it on my calendar, doing from time to time, but not enough. And I am afraid to have too much “success with men.” It makes me happy, but shy.

Thank you for your help.