Target Market

I wrote in earlier that I had wanted to fill a mindful meditation class with 20 students and then went on to fill it with 30. I know my thinking was clean and clear. I also gave them value ahead of time and one woman came to the first class and as she was walking in she said, “I feel like I have already gotten so much from this class!” YES, I knew I was on the right track.

Last year I was trying to fill a yoga class, but I realize right now, not trying at all, really. Just walking around saying, “I wish I could find more people!” So unhelpful for sure.
So, I chose a target market, something I have been so afraid of, thinking that I won’t get anybody. I chose Gentle Yoga and then sent out a new flyer with bullet points, “if this is you.” (body tight, not enough time, feel intimidated in regular classes, stressed, recovering from injury, have “issues” (I wrote this because so many people, (in my investigation on this) told me they had “issues” So, I thought, what the heck, they seem to know who they are.
Last year, I could not find more than 4 people at a time to come to the class. I thought of cancelling the class. For the last 2 weeks, just changing the marketing, I had 20 people and I have another 17 who are planning to come in the next few weeks! I am in amazement, but not really. It works!! I have also cleaned up my thinking and no longer say nobody will come, I have been telling people, “I have just what you want” and then I invite them to come. And they are like, “thanks for the invitation!”
I taught another class today, a special 2 hour class that was specific to Restorative Yoga and I also filled that to maximum. They have been full in the past, but not packed.
It is fantastic, I see the room full now and it is.
Except for this one class. I usually get around 9 people and I want 15. I am thinking of changing the marketing for that, instead of “All Levels” to do more of what I am already doing in my afternoon class. I am feeling frozen about doing that, which makes no sense since I am having so much success. Would love some help.
C. Class
T. I want to be the teacher for everyone! (why?? Because then I will get more people, everyone = more!) (which is obviously not true)
F. scarce
A. marketing to everyone, “I have a class” instead of “this is perfect for you.”
R. Nobody feels like I am talking to them.

C. Class
T. I could market this class the same way I marketed the other class, as an experiment if nothing else.
F. curious
A. change marketing, invite people with specifics
R. Overrode my fear and just did it to see what would happen.

I know that last model is not quite there yet.

I also know that I know what to do!! Especially after reading back what I wrote.

I really had no idea that there were so many (mostly women) who wanted a more gentle, joyous, loving class for whatever reason. But my mind is telling me that, “sure, they will want it at 4:15 in the afternoon but not at 9:00 in the morning!!” I am thinking to thank my brain for trying to help me out, and than rather than take it’s word for it, I will just go ahead and see what is going to work. Much more interesting and fun.

It will be fun to figure this out.