Target Niche-

Hi Brooke!
First- I am so thankful I joined scholars- this work is real and has taken my personal life to a different level. I have been exploring the notion of becoming a life coach for quite some time now- a self-help junky for life 🙂 I currently work in college athletics specifically in student-athlete development- which is like a new industry of life coaching in college sports- I do not train the athletes or check in on academics I simply get to check in on how they are feeling and doing in LIFE. It is so great and interesting and I am honored and privileged to have the ability to work with many high caliber athletes. One aspect I have noticed is confidence/ lack of confidence for so many athletes and to get even more specific- female athletes. It is really fascinating. I have 2 parts to this question. One, would a good niche be building confidence in female college athletes or is that too specific? Building confidence in female athletes? As a former college athlete myself, I know and understand the need intensely, especially during the formative college years. Second; I feel a need to be a certified life coach before I call myself a life coach. From all the various trainings I have looked at, yours is by FAR the best and believably you are sold out until 2019! What should I do to progress this business using your teachings? I would obviously be more comfortable getting certified first, but should I proceed or wait?

Thanks for all you do!