I cant seem to shake it off. Only because it all felt like it resonated so much with my situation.
Preface: I always had money even as a student. I had even more money when I was a student than now that Ive been on the entrepreneurial road. Ive always felt and thought like Im destined to be successful so having my current reality as it is now doesn’t match with my thoughts.
What happened: I have been to two tarot readers and downloaded a report from astro.com. and each time it says I am not destined to have a lot of money and that I better let go of the desire to have material possessions because it’s an area of my life that Im always going to struggle to get under control. It says that I am good managing money, not creating it. Better in a partnership than alone. It says I need to shift my greed and go for love instead.

This has happened over the last month and I cant let the thoughts out. I have done model after model but I notice my brain getting caught up in this stories because there are so many other things I see are accurate in all those readings that I dont know how detach from it.

I know a simple way is just to choose another thought but I have tried several times and the thought is so overpowering I cant let it go.

I haven’t been able to create consistent income since I quit my job and I’d really like to release thoughts that are creating this reality.

Please help!