Teaching mind management

You are so incredibly generous to share yourself with all of us and also allow us to teach this to others. I loved the woman who was going to teach the model at a dinner party! The model and the rest of your teachings have been SO beneficial to me that I also teach it to my niche. Every once in a while I get someone who is deadset against the idea that we can change our thoughts. I’ve found that the confusion can occur if I don’t preface it to talk about the mind as a thought-producing machine and that we can’t stop the mind from manufacturing thoughts automatically but we can indeed tell it what to think instead.

So I had a doctor argue with me in a workshop I was doing. In the moment I handled it fine. I told him, “I don’t need to be right. You don’t have to agree with me.” He found my example to be “judgmental” so he judged me for being judgmental (love it!).

I give my workshop participants evaluations so I can see where they are at, what they like and what they don’t. I’ll admit that the negative comments stick with me far too long. This guy commented that “what I teach sounds good on the surface but is actually very harmful. Telling people they can change their thoughts discounts the human experience.”

I buffered over that for days and I’m not happy I did. It made me question teaching this (while 49 other ppl loved it) and made me question myself. Talk about emotional childhood, I gave all my power away.

So I asked myself, What Would Brooke Do? And I think you would tell me to let him be him. It’s ok if he doesn’t like what i teach and it’s even ok if he thinks its harmful. I don’t. So I’ll keep teaching what for me has been life-changing.

It’s helping me to just write this but my goal is to not have suffered for the days I did. I caused myself a lot of unnecessary suffering and I so want don’t want to do that every time someone doesn’t like something I teach, which I can count on happening again.

thank you so much!!!!!