Teaching Model

Hi Coaches!

I’m looking for some help on a model I’m running about work.. I’m a kindergarten teacher. I’ve had some coaching in the past during my 20 min sessions on thoughts causing frustration that I’ve had. In particular, the thought “I showed up today and I signed up for everything” (including kids who don’t listen, boring lesson plans, a curriculum I don’t love etc) has been really helpful. I’ve also been practicing thinking “here is the part of the day where my class do X. I signed up for this today. I signed up for the part I’m frustrated and annoyed.” All of these thoughts have been game-changing.

BUT that brings me to my latest models…

C- I yelled at numerous kids in my class
T- I can’t be bothered with this today, I’m not feeling the level of ‘acting’ and positivity I think I will need to turn the negative vibe/atmosphere around
F- intolerant
A- continue trying to get things done by threatening
R- I decide positivity isn’t worth my energy today

C- I yelled at numerous kids in my class
T- it’s ok for myself and my students to have off days when doing hard tasks. We can do an easier/more fun activity to change the tone
F- resourceful
A- I give everyone a break and take some pressure off
R- I allow an opportunity to introduce some positivity