Technical Question

Thanks for providing such excellent and constant content! I’ve only been here for 2 months, but you are already making a tremendous difference in my emotional stability in approaching my relationships and circumstances.

I’ve noticed that you always look so great on your videotapes and webinars! I know a lot of it is that you take good care of yourself with proper nutrition and self-care. I love your energy. I’m feeling mine coming back after a long hiatus. Thank you for the positive role model example.

I’m interested in doing some webinars/video sessions as part of my business (I’m a physician). Would you mind sharing your videotaping/webinar setup? What kind of lighting are you using, microphone/audio setup and how do you get that great angle when you’re taping that is so flattering? Also, do you use a filter? Your skin always looks so great and bright. Yes. I noticed. 🙂