Terror/anxiety/fear CTFAR and feelings

Hi Brooke,
I no longer want to feel false fear or anxiety or terror.
Is the theory that I allow the feelings from the primitive brain but I do not give them meaning?
Or, can I change my intentional thoughts so that the feelings go away?

C-fear of loss (terror) of something important to me
T-if I lose this thing (money, significant other) I will die
F-terrible life-cringing anxiety
A-plow thru molasses
R-Terror state continues

C-fear of loss (terror) of something important to me
T-I can handle any loss of any kind, and as long as I am alive I shall rebuild
F-I feel I can believe in my self
A-bring my best self to navigate all situations;
R-I live a life that is continually bringing myself what I want and need

so as I write this, the huge anxiety that felt like it was ripping into my gut has been relieved into a smaller anxiety with some soreness

Can you comment more on the process and anything else