Thank you Brooke – 1 month in and I am already amazed at my progress!

Hi Brooke,
I wrote to you in May regarding struggling to find forgiveness towards someone who abused me as a child. Your response about how this would be the most important work in my life really resonated with me. Since then I have listened to your podcast on post-traumatic growth and arranged to see a therapist. In the past, I have seen so many therapists but I have never been able to talk about the abuse because I have been so ashamed and terrified of how I would feel. Yesterday (June 1st) I was able to open up to the therapist about my most traumatic memory of the abuse. I am so proud and amazed at what I did and the relief I felt was enormous. I would not have been able to do this without listening to your podcasts and the determination to feel my emotions. So I would like to say a big thank you to you and all the work and wisdom that you provide. I am so thrilled with what I have achieved after one month of self coaching scholars.

So I am going to count re-experiencing the trauma as Dare of the Day 1 and writing to you to thank you as Dare of the Day 2 as I still find talking about this pretty scary and hate drawing attention to myself!