Thank you!

I was plateaued after reducing 50 lbs. I joined SCS in April. And I’ve eliminated another 17 lbs thanks to your teaching and coaching on Stop Overeating and Stop Overdrinking. I’ve used both intermittent and extended fasting. These protocols are amazing; also planning the day before what I am going to eat today. I feel powerful. I am beautiful. My cruise to Alaska begins in one week. I am able to be around food and drink without imbibing. I know I will lose weight on my vacation. Thank you, Brooke, I’ve found my way again.

I’m a coach. I’ve noticed I was resisting actually using the Model on myself. I had the thought, I need to be without problems, to get to the place where I have got everything figured out to be a life coach to clients. It’s wonderful to hear you talk about how you coach yourself continually. My “lizard” is here for life. I’m learning to recognize “her” for the role she plays, acknowledge “her” for what “she” is and thank “her” for what “she” does while moving on in the direction of my dreams. >>>>>>>>>Use the model. And MASSIVE action.

Life Coaching has changed my life in SO MANY WAYS.
I’m glad our paths have crossed.
I’m thrilled to share this part of my journey with you, Brooke. <3