Thank you Brooke !

Dear Brooke,

You had coached me in April with respect to my relationship with my husband. It was so insightful! I love him but I used to think that we are in a parent child relation (me being a child). Brooke taught me that I was manipulating him when I was not speaking my truth, and he decides to be who he is ! It changes so many things. Things are much better now that I am more myself. We do go back soemtimes, but it a learning again and again – till I learn how to do my work consistently. Thank you Brooke !!!

Also, wanted to say that I started scholars in April and have seen so many changes. I have been on a self improvement path since 4 years now and have been learned law of attraction, positive thinking, love Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks. You taught to take action ! And also to feel my feelings. So so important, and the model is awesome ! June has also made me go beyond my boundaries, I already feel so self-confident even though I have not followed everything that I was supposed to do. Loving it. Can’t wait to see what the next month brings.