Thank you so much

Hi, Brooke! I’m the editor and clear-writing coach who offered my editing services to you as my Day 2 dare. I am so grateful to you for your reply. I love that you said no because (a) your voice really does shine through in your content and (b) I thoroughly enjoyed reading HOW you said no to me. Most of my June dares are going to be around interpersonal communication and learning to become more comfortable saying no to other people. Like I said in my original post, I tend to avoid any situation that might put other people (or myself) in an uncomfortable position. I also have a difficult time saying no to other people, so getting to see first-hand how you said no to me was a fabulous experience. I’m not kidding: I found it weirdly thrilling to see it in action. So, I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to you for everything. Self Coaching Scholars is changing my life in powerful ways, and I am eternally grateful to you. <3