Thank you to Brooke and the mom who asked to be coached re: getting her kids to help clean the house!

I wanted to say thanks for an amazing coaching call yesterday. I especially liked your coaching with the mom + 4 kids who was struggling to keep her house clean and get her kids to help. AMAZING stuff there. That is some real life shit. I have felt that way a million times with 3 little kids and it can completely overtake your life. I hope she can see a little glimmer of light after that call.
Brooke – you are a badass. You are inspiring and you are literally changing the world, one struggling mama at a time. I wish you could post that coaching call on social media so that it could be shared with the world, or send it out in your weekly emails or something because that was just mind-blowing amazing and so many moms suffer from those same issues.
And if the mom is reading this, you are so brave for showing up and being vulnerable and honest and real. Thank you! You can do this, we are all cheering you on!