Thanksgiving Dinner

Dear Coaches,

Thank you for all you do. Can you please let me know how I handled the following scenario:

I happen to be off this year for Thanksgiving and was looking forward to having my siblings and parents over my house for Thanksgiving. My parents usually host Thanksgiving or my sister–the oldest of the siblings. I wanted to host it this year, but my mom hinted that she was too tired to cook and with my sister being so busy with work it might be best if I rested. I told her I wanted to host Thanksgiving dinner and all they needed to do is come over. I sensed a slight hesitation and mom basically said she would have to discuss with my sister–whether they would come over my house or not. My parents will not make a decision without my sister’s input. After visiting my mom, I was discouraged about hosting–forget spending time with siblings and parent’s and just focus on celebrating with my own immediate family. As soon as I came home I did my thought downloads. Here’s what I came up with:

C: Thanksgiving Dinner
T: Mom isn’t excited about celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner at my house
F: Disappointment
A: Think of all our past Thanksgiving family dinners. great memories
R: Not excited about Thanksgiving

T: I will start my own Thanksgiving traditions
F: Acceptance
A:Plan Thanksgiving dinner regardless of who is attending
R: Start my own family traditions as I celebrate Thanksgiving.

I still have this sadness or disappointment. I start to think of all the memories and traditions I had growing up. I want my son, nieces, and nephews to experience those traditions. It seems that if my sister wants to celebrate a holiday we do and if not we don’t. I now want to create these memories with my son, but feel like the rest of the kids are missing out. I want to love and be love. I decided to invite everyone and those who want to come fine and those who are unable to attend–still fine! I am going to have a great dinner!!

Thank you!