The dreaded burger!

I would like to preface this question by saying that if it doesn’t really sound clear or cohesive, it’s because I can get it clear in my mind and that is part of my struggle so any clarity you can bring to it would be greatly appreciated as I am spinning. For about 7 weeks I was doing AWESOME with not over eating, and completely cut our flour and sugar and felt great. Then I had this thought that I “deserved” some chocolate, and a burger ( which is my favorite food) , so I had both and that started me down a spiral of allowing myself to have cheats here and there. I think I lost some confidence with these choices and now I am having a great deal of self doubt about getting back on track and honoring my own goal of not overeating. I feel like I’m back at ” white knuckling” my way to a plan and that is a struggle and ultimately not effective- I know! I was loving my body and my own resolve when I was on track and truly want to get back there. I’ve gone thru the whole Stop Overeating Workshop once and now am going thru it again. I’m finding myself ashamed, doubtful and also my faith in myself is shaken. What my mind keeps telling me is ” you will relapse” you can’t truly stick to this etc. I know you would say do a Model so here is what I have:

Unintentional Model

C: Relapsed into unconscious eating
T: I failed. I can’t get back and stay on track with the same resolve. Will I ever be able to get this under control? I need to fix this ASAP!
F: Anxious, fearful, doubtful, ashamed.
A: Don’t allow myself to eat then end up eating too much and questioning whether it was too much or if I just let myself get too hungry.
R: More confusion and struggle to get back on track.

Intentional Model

C: Relapsed into unconscious eating
T: This is a process and I will focus on my “why” and my Commitment and believe that I have the courage to get back on track and in the process become more skillful and confident and clear on my course.
F: Hopeful and happy
A: Focus on my commitment and be very conscious about my actual level of hunger and eat exactly the amount of food my body needs.
R: lose weight, stabilize my behavior.

One of the predominant thoughts and questions that comes up for me in this internal dialogue is am I supposed to get to a point where I don’t enjoy food and have no desire for it? That will be terrible.