The model and Byron Katie

I have been doing Byron Katie’s “The Work” for many years and was wondering if the turnarounds in The Work are also the Results in the Self Coaching Model?

For example:
Unintentional Model
C My dad
T I hope he behaves himself today and doesn’t make racist comments
F Concerned
A Judge his behavior
R I behave badly towards my dad

The Work teaches that the turnarounds can be to the opposite, to the self and to the other. I am seeing consistent results in my models that are to the self and to the other like my model results above.

In The Work the statement would be “My dad behaves badly” and one of the turnarounds would be “I behave badly towards my dad”

I would appreciate some feedback about what I have been putting in the results line; Whether the results should always be about us because we cannot affect someone else’s result.