The neutral C

Last week I was informed that a father of our school had committed suicide. He was in his thirties, had a wife and two daughters at primary school. I immediately started thinking: “How is this possible? What about his wife, the kids?” and so on… Then I spoke with another mother from school (we both know the family but aren’t close friends), and she said: “Wow, it’s makes you realize again, we have to make the best of every day we have”. So when I was looping in the “Why?”, discussing with reality, she had a totally different thought. We both feel compassion, we both have the same distance to the family. It makes me see again that “yes, all situations are neutral, until you have a thought about it”.

Doing this SCS work really liberates me. I would even say: “it makes me a nicer, gentler, more compassionate person, for myself and the ones I love”.

Thank you, Brooke