The Practice

Wow. Just wow. I used to have this belief (especially around Tony Robbins and his events) that when I read the right thing or went to the right event or had an epiphany from a book, a magic button in my brain would be pushed – and I would be an instantly changed human being. I’d be transformed in an instant, never to be the same — living my life at a level 10 all the time. I was endlessly frustrated when walking on fire and meditating and listening to Personal Power over and over again wasn’t having the intended “instant effect”. Where was the magic? What was wrong with me that I wasn’t alright after all of these experiences.

And then listening to your podcast, I started to get the idea that it’s a practice, not an instant solution. You talked about waking up with anxiety and still doing daily thought downloads. And then, with that door open in my head, I read where Tony Robbins has a “practice” to get into a peak state every day (What? He’s not automatically in a peak state?!?) and then an article where the Dalai Lama meditates for hours a day – and in his 80’s, he says “it’s still hard”. And I finally, FINALLY get it. It’s a practice. It’s like playing the violin. You have to practice every single day to get good – and even when you’re a virtuoso player – the best in the world – you continue to practice. The practice never stops.

I woke up today with a cement block of anxiety on my head. And I started the practice. And it slowly started to chip away. And now I feel amazingly better. And I realized… THIS is it. There’s no “one and done”. It’s a daily practice. Even when I get good at it, it’s simply doing the work to clear the thoughts and get right with reality. This is huge. THIS is what I’ve wanted my entire life … clarity. I was just looking at HOW I get it incorrectly. Thank you SO MUCH for opening the door to this understanding with your podcast – and helping me get that this is a life-long practice. Amazing.