The R for the unintentional model (MO)

I am having a hard time coming up with the R for the unintentional models, and when I do come up with one, I feel like I’m not doing it right. Can you offer any help? Thanks

Here is an example:
C: Anna not going to cabin
T: I’m not going to spend much time with her or the girls
F: mad, deprived
A: talk to a friend about it
R: ?

Here is another one from a different day. I filled in an R, but I’m not sure if I did the model right.
C: didn’t fill out excel at all
T: Wow. How typical
F: infuriated. very annoyed
A: fume. short with him
R: pissed off

Different topic:
C:don’t get a response from guy dating
T: he is slow to respond. Why hasn’t he texted back yet?
F: insecure, anxious
A: keep wondering when he’ll text
R: ?