The Result line. Partly words from the T-line?

I don’t find it easy finding my Result line. I can write the result I want in the intentional model, but it doesn’t really inspires me.
I have 2 examples. Will you have a look at them? Jody Moore mentioned during her coach call she uses words from the T line for the R line to make it very clear. Will you explain how I can get better at this? This is my second month (enjoying it!).

1. Unintentional
C. Didn’t run for a month
T. When I do, I love it
F. Guilty
A. Spend time doing another sport
R. Don’t enjoy running

C. Didn’t run for a month
T. I can start again any day
F. Excited
A. Plan; make a schedule for the next 3 weeks, with day/hour
R. Enjoy picking up running

2. Unintentional
C. Didn’t paint during this school holiday
T. I should paint, even with everyone at home
F. Shame
A. Ignoring my atelier/workshop
R. No painting/art work realized

C. Didn’t paint during this school holiday
T. There’s always an opportunity, it’s up to me
F. ?
A. Decide when I’ll paint, write down in planner exactly when
R. Have painted on planned days/hours

These models don’t really make me want to get my running shoes or pick up my brushes!
They seem a bit ‘flat’ to me. Any suggestion?

Thank you!