The September goal. How big ‘should’ it be? Discussion in my head

I’ve brainstorming and came up with many goals I could do in these 30 days. Most of them are goals with other people involved. Like getting 3 articles published about my shop during the upcoming interior design fair in September, getting 500 new followers on fb and Insta, have a turnover goal and so on.

Finally I decided for something I want to achieve for a long time but never really achieved. Not eating after dinner, not eating after about 19:00 that means. Since I’m not overweight and I’m just eating fruits after dinner I often considered it ‘not important enough’, but always, in the back of my mind I had a thought, that I agree with (!) saying; “After dinner you’re not hungry so you don’t have to eat, and you feel better in the morning when not eating at all after dinner”. I answer that voice in my brain with this challenge.

What I notice is that I like to compare this challenge with other challenges, come up with thoughts like: “this is not good enough, difficult enough, not like writing a book, a publishing an article, or losing x kilo’s'” and so on. “It should me much harder!!’

But since it’s September 1st today and I have to decide; 30 days nothing to eat after dinner. That’s it.

C. Goal 30 days no eating after dinner
T. This goal is not difficult enough
F. weak, coward-ish
A. Keep considering other goals
R. Not having a goal; Eating tonight after dinner

C. Same
T. Any goal will teach me the skill of perseverance and commitment.
F. Empowered
A. Write down the potential ‘difficult’ days (abroad for business/fair) and write down what I want to think, feel and do in these situations.
R. After 30 days I’ve a new habit; not eating after dinner.

I still consider it a (too) small goal although until now I’ve never been able to realise it!
Isn’t this weird?

Do you have feedback?