The Whoosh is Real!!!!

Not a question- just a message of thanks: ) And a note of inspiration to all of those Scholars who are still at the beginning of their weight-loss journey.
I gained and lost the same pound for 5 weeks; I lost a few inches, mostly in my belly and hips (which was great!) but no weight. I kept hearing you saying that you lost nothing in the first 6 weeks, and I kept remembering how long it actually took me to start gaining weight 10 years ago, when I switched from a no refined carb lifestyle to eating bread, etc again. So, I just kept focusing on the fact that my body was adjusting to a new metabolic state and that takes TIME.
Then this week, 6 weeks exactly, the Whoosh happened- I lost 5.5 lbs in one week!!! So, I’m down 10 lbs, with 20 more to go.
To my Scholar friends out there- keep at it! This is a marathon!!! You just have to focus on the fact that your body loves the status quo. It will try very hard to keep ‘homeostasis’, so you have to convince it that your protocol is the new status quo. Once it believes you, it will work!!! It just takes time, and the amount of time is different for everyone. The book Brooke recommends by Dr. Fung is unbelievable. You have to read it! It explains so much about how/why many of us got to this point.
Thanks, Brooke, so much for the inspiration! So happy to be a Scholar! Yayayayayay!!