Thin skin / Progress

1- I got a strongly worded one-star review posted to my podcast’s iTunes page this morning. (The language used is recognized as libel in French courts of law, so I’m calling that a C. 🙂 ) I immediately did a model on it, and although the ickiness took a few hours to subside, it’s an amazing improvement over my former self, who would have felt humiliated/frazzled about it for days.

In passing, my thought of choice for brushing off the comment is “I will continue to be a juicy peach.” 🍑 So love this image.

2- I am currently reviewing my editor’s comments and corrections on the manuscript of my new book, and it’s quite amazing how detached I am from these corrections, compared to previous books. I let things go and defer to her recommendation when I don’t have a preference either way, and when she has misunderstood my reasoning, or I disagree with her corrections, I don’t roll my eyes and make it mean that she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Being able to take these notes in a matter-of-fact way saves me sooooo much time and angst in this editing process! Truly life-changing.

In short: Thank you. 🙂