Thinking about drinking

Hi Brooke,

I recently had a baby and now the question of whether I want to drink alcohol again has been on my mind. Both my husband and I stopped drinking for the pregnancy and there have been many aspects of it that I have enjoyed and some were a challenge since alcohol can be such a handy buffer to “take the edge off”.

While I wouldn’t say either one of us were having a particular issue with overdrinking alcohol, with the holidays coming up I know the option to partake will be on the table more than ever at social events. I have been questioning whether this is something I want to reintroduce into my life. It seems a bit silly, but there is part of me that thinks it would be “weak” of me to drink again or that I am failing somehow even if I am using your protocol and doing it with more consciousness than I was before.

I can see why not drinking at all would be an easier choice but do you have any words of wisdom for people who are thinking of drinking occasionally?