this isn’t a question, but a manifesto and a thank you

I’m officially a VIP for five days and I want to celebrate!
It rocks and it sucks (so hard half of the time).
But I’m so proud of me, so proud for not having left my own side. For still being there. For having my own back. For not fighting or resisting or buffering but learning to allow. For having done the best that I can (sometimes even more and sometimes less, but learning to to so with love and kindness to myself and others).
And all this was my gift to myself. Living my life on purpose.
But, woah! Your gift is amazing. It’s like a new level on a video game all the access Brooke offers us when we’re VIP, it’s freaking gorgeous. I’m thrilled like I child. It’s the exact same feeling when I killed the fat monster in Mario Bros and gain the right to fight the even bigger and crazier monster, I’m exited and full of energy, and all my battery are reloaded.
Let’s do it 6 month more!