This month’s work

This month’s work has been challenging in a good way. I’m realizing that I’ve been so angry at someone not showing up in my life in a certain way, not acting according to my manual, and that I can totally change how I show up. The thing is, I haven’t been able to act in love toward him because with what I have learned in this month’s work, I’m feeling a lot of shame and embarrassment.

C. Friendship
T. I’m just as much to blame as he, yet I treated him as though he owed me something.
F. Shame, embarrassment.
A. Inaction.
R. I continue to experience the loss of this friend.

C. Friendship.
T. ?
F. ?
A. Reach out to him in love.
R. Renewal of friendship.

I’m having trouble getting from UM to IM. There is no thought that feels accessible to me. Any guidance? Thank you, always.