Thought Practice Idea…

Hey Brooke! I’ve had really good results practicing thoughts using a specific method – so I thought I’d share. I created a Google Doc called “Positive Thoughts” and typed in a bunch of thoughts I found on your blog. Thoughts like … “Love is always an option” and “Nothing has gone wrong here” and “I have everything I need in this moment”. There are about 45 thoughts on the list. Then, at the very top, I add “Intentional Thoughts” from models I’m working on. So overall, there are about 50 thoughts, give or take.

Then I added the Google Docs app on the main screen of my iPhone – at the lower right-hand side of my screen for easy access. Anytime I’m standing in line, waiting on something, on the treadmill at the gym … I click open this “Positive Thoughts” Google Docs app and start going over my new thoughts.

Even though I’ve just been doing this a short time, I’m already finding that the thoughts on this list are making their way into my daily life. They’ll pop into my head at opportune times – like when my brain says “But this is going to be hard” … I automatically think back “Yes – and I can do hard things!” And they’re finding their way into my daily thought downloads, too. Having them so close – as a better alternative than my social media apps – has been incredibly beneficial to me – so I thought I’d share. 😀

Thanks, Brooke! 🙂