Thoughts about my Tik Tok brand success versus my friends

So I’ve been on Tik Tok for about a year and now have 35,000 followers .. a strong tribe and community for sure. I started on the app before many and have been urging many of my friends to take advantage of the golden opportunity. My friends usually find success much faster than I did because I prevent them from making the same mistakes I made and they take my advice. I’ve noticed something concerning though: When my friends blow up quickly, I feel jealousy in my body. I’ve been avoiding looking at this because I never wanted to be the guy jealous of another’s success, but it’s time I address this. Here is ONE model I found.

C- friends reached 15,000 in 3 weeks (it took me 7 or so months to get to this same number)
T- It’s not fair they got there so quick.
F- jealousy
A- beat myself up, compare, make up stories about them when they talk to me, think I’m a burden, avoid tik tok, make videos for views instead of what I enjoy, burnout on Tik Tok, think it’s because I’m not attractive or funny enough
R- I create burnout, my audience doesn’t grow, slow down my own success

C- friends reached 15,000 in 3 weeks
T- My advice worked!
F- excited
A- asked them what worked for them, what didn’t work for them, what they’d do differently, see if they know something for growth they can share with me, keep doing my thing on tik tok
R- I grow

C- my tik tok (35,000)
T- Maybe I’m not funny, attractive, or entertaining enough
F- insufficient
A- compare to others, copy others, judge other creators, not cater to my audience, forcus on views/analytics instead of fun and service
R- my tik toks are less funny/entertaining, I hurt my growth

C- my tik tok 35,000
T- I have committed fans
A- respond to comments more, go live, slow down and make better content, try new trends and combine with my niche
R- create more committed fans

Any feedback on my models? How can I strengthen my intentional ones? I am done avoiding the jealousy I feel when I see others win on a platform I love so deeply. It has led to multiple burnouts. I don’t want to pretend I don’t feel jealousy. I want to address it and move to thoughts that serve me and help me grow and help me feel happy for my friends rather than jealous or insufficient.