Thoughts on Food Delivery Service

Hi, Brooke! I am working my way through Stop Overeating and I’m in week 2 of my intermittent fasting. For work, I travel to different retail locations and don’t always have a lot of storage room on the sales floor for my bag and a lunch bag, etc., so I find that I tend to forgo preparing meals beforehand and eating a salad at a nearby restaurant and cooking my dinner at home. While I’m still eating at the places that I planned 24 hrs in advance, I find that I have less control over what I’m eating since I don’t always know what has added sugar, etc. What are your thoughts are regarding food delivery services? I found an affordable paleo one, which would fit into my protocol, where I can get 2 meals a day that are easily portable and which take the options off the table, so to speak. I would save a lot of time from not having to meal plan, grocery shop, and cook, but then I also worry that there is a very obvious C line that I need to address in regards to time managing and hard core adulting in regards to my nutrition. Perhaps this is just a leftover thought pattern from my Jenny Craig days, too, and a worry that eating pre-prepared meals that I don’t have to think about is setting me up for failure in the long run, which I know, blaring lights THOUGHT WORK, AMY. But, I also think this might be great to detox me from my habit foods to, yup, I’m totally going to have to eat these red peppers that I hate for fuel because food is fuel and not a Ferris wheel. If you’d like to know the service, it’s for SoCal.

So there is my very long-winded query.


P.S. Thank you for continually being awesome and I am so super stoked to have bitten the bullet and joined SCS.