Thoughts on envy/jealousy

Hi Brooke!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on feelings of envy/jealousy.

It seems to me that the basic model of envy is along those lines:

C: Instagram story of someone showing gorgeous country house.
T: I will never have such a beautiful house/such a stylish life.
F: Envious, small, defeated.
A: Waste time on Instagram feeding the jealousy beast, not making progress in my own life.
R: I don’t move toward that stylish life/beautiful house.

Is the feeling of envy/jealousy one that you recommend feeling out in full before trying to change it? Or do you see it as an indulgent emotion best released as soon as you recognize it?

And when ready to change the feeling, what are some alternate thoughts one can entertain?
I’ve thought of the following, but would welcome any other suggestion:

Other people’s successes are examples of what’s possible.
I can get inspired by what other people have.
I will work my way to the success I aspire to.
In time I can create any opportunity for myself and my family.
Identifying what I want is the first step in creating my own reality.

I feel like those can soon bump against limiting beliefs when comparing a lower-middle-class life to exceptional situations (celebrities, people born into great wealth and connections, etc.). What could be some bridge thoughts then?

Thank you so much!
Camille in Paris.