Thoughts On Fasting

I would like to start Intermittent Fasting protocol and had fear so far that I won’t be able to handle the hunger and urges, and that caused me to keep postponing starting this protocol.

I set myself this small impossible goal to eat One Meal A Day for the next 60 days and as soon as I made this decision I wrote down all the thoughts that came up for me:

It will be impossible.
You’re never going to stick to it.
This will be too hard.
It’s not even healthy.
You will starve.
You will feel shaky and irritated.

I can very easily see how if I keep believing these thoughts, it would actually create fear, more hunger, scarcity and deprivation for me and cause me to run and overeat.

Brooke talks about turning obstacles into strategies. What will that look like for me?
My obstacles will be these thoughts, which will create for me fear, hunger, doubt, deprivation and worry.
How do these become strategies when all I need to do during these hours is NOT EAT?
What strategy is in here?