Thoughts on one or two goals

I launched my own business around 7 months ago and it is my primary goal. I know the LCS recommends constraining to one goal but the part I’m struggling with is that I also want to lose weight. I’m a life coach and I want to have some major transformations that I can share with my clients as well (share my journey and let them follow along). I also want the benefits from losing weight (have more energy, feel better in my own skin, etc.). I want to work towards both goals but I also want to make sure that I’m not expecting too much from myself and being compassionate. How to tell the difference?

Here are my thoughts when I think about going for both:
– I feel so much discomfort in my business already, it’s nice to get a “break” from food.
– I definitely use food as a reward/treat/something to look forward to and I know this isn’t great long term
– If I stick to a strict protocol, my days will be full of doing uncomfortable things and feeling all the feels
– I don’t know if it is too much to try to do both
– I might just be setting myself up for failure if I go after both
– If I don’t focus on my weight as well, it will get even worse
– I’m sure there’s a middle ground here but having a hard time finding it
– I don’t know what is best for me and my overall ability to allow negative emotions and do the uncomfortable things.

Would love any insight on this!