Thoughts on Trump that leave me disempowered

I’m angry that Trump seems not to be able to be held accountable for anything he does. The normal ways people get held accountable (calling them out, showing evidence) don’t work on him because he has no shame (fights back with lies, and his followers believe him. Any attempt to hold him accountable (e.g., press asking hard questions like Jim Acosta; the House having a majority and investigating him) result in Trump escalating and attacking (he revoked Acosta’s press pass; he’s threatened to look into House members if they attempt to look into his finances, etc.). Those of us that want him to be investigated and held accountable for what he says and does could try to ignore his lies, but his lies end up taking up the news cycles and he spreads so much disinformation that his followers believe – and those followers end up doing things against others who Trump attacks (e.g., bombs at the press/Democrats, shooting Jews because they allow immigrants in, etc.).

That’s a whole lot of thoughts that leave me feeling disempowered, sad, and paralyzed. I just want a way to empower myself in how to think, feel, and act without falling into useless or indulgent emotions.

So here’s the C lines I came up with that initiated my thoughts. I tried to be as factual as possible.

C1: Trump dismissed CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s question about migrants, then revoked Acosta’s press pass after Acosta kept trying to ask more questions.
C2: Trump fired Sessions after many months of complaining publicly that Sessions should stop the Mueller investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 elections, then hired a new Department of Justice chief who has previously stated that the Mueller investigation is a “witch hunt” against Trump and should be shut down.
C3: Trump tweeted that if the new democratic House majority investigates his finances, he will investigate them back.
C4: There have been at least two events where a Trump supporter attempted and/or committed violence against people that Trump has verbally attacked as being against him: bombs at CNN, George Soros, and Democratic politicians; and shooting of Jews in a synagogue because they provided relief to immigrants.

T1-3: Trump manages to wheedle out of everything and avoids being held accountable because he attacks and lies, and there’s plenty of people who believe him. And I can’t do anything about it.
F1-3: resigned
A1-3: buffer with cycles of reading, then avoiding, every news article I can get my hands on, as well as via overeating/eating crap.
R1-3: I don’t accomplish the things that matter to me or make any difference in the world and I gain weight.

T4: Trump takes no responsibility for his actions and words, which impact people who believe him, and I can’t do anything about it.
F4: Sad
A4: Buffer like crazy
R4: I don’t accomplish the things that matter to me or make any difference in the world and I gain weight.

Intentional thought: I think that if I could lose the “and I can’t do anything about it,” this might help. The issue is that I don’t know what I can do about it. But maybe if I try that on and say, “Maybe there’s something I can do about it,” new feelings, actions, and results will follow?

C1-4 as above
T: Maybe there’s something I can do about it?
F: Hope
A: Volunteer for local canvassing group to help get out the vote among those who are most hurt by Trump’s policies and rhetoric
R: More people who are likely to vote against Trump, his cronies, and his policies will vote and they will be elected out of office.