Thoughts that PREVENT urges

I blew my own damn mind today! FEELS AMAZING. I’ve been working thru the overeating stuff and today got to 20 allowed urges. After 16 years of binge eating, this is AMAZING progress.

I am getting better at allowing urges and have many thoughts and processes in place for when they come. But working through the SO Thoughts that prevent urges worksheet, I realized… I have 0 that actually PREVENT the urge in the first place.

Thoughts that I have that usually cause the urge- I’ve got those. I want that, It will be yummy, I’m overwhelmed, food will fix this, you have to taste test it, I can’t calm down are some.

What are some thoughts to try on to prevent urges? to undo the desire? I’m ready for that next level. I could just flip the causing urge thoughts upside down?