Your Thoughts on A Volunteer/Apprentice Inquiry

Lady Awesomeness,

I live in NYC and am an aspiring screenwriter. I do not have a day job. My husband and I live off of his income, which leaves me abundant time to write, read, and research.

I know of a screenwriter/director/producer who lives in NYC and writes in the genre and formats I am interested to write. I wrote him a letter two years ago, after I watched his famous TV show and he was moved so much so that he invited me over to his office for a five minutes chat.
I went and during that meeting, I simply sat there and tried to know him more. I did not ask for anything, not even an advice.

Ever since that meeting, I would send Christmas cards once a year.

For some reason I woke up this morning and thought how it would be magnificent if I could volunteer by his production office and while giving my time, learn and connect with his team and production.
I know I can think anything I want about this, but before I send out an email to him, asking for the opportunity, I wanted to ask you how would you feel, as a business owner, if someone wrote you they would like to volunteer/apprentice in your company for three months. Would you see that as desperate, would you take the offer, why, or why not?

That Screenwriter