Three observations

Just wanted to share my observations from doing the work this month. Like many other scholars, I struggled at first coming up with dares. I finally created a dare list and each day after I created the list, I would select one and do it. Even if I did not really want to. Especially if I did not want to. What I have found so far are three things…

1) Decisions ahead of time are SOOOOOO good for me.
2) Almost every single dare I completed turned out to be no big deal. My brain instinctively makes mountains out of mole hills – completely unnecessarily.
3) Approaching the day with the self-confidence to complete my dare brings self-confidence to other situations I encounter throughout the day. An awesome, unexpected benefit that gives me such good fuel all day long!!

I can’t believe I initially did not want to do this. I am loving it and am so grateful for you daring me to dare!