Time | DMWC

Hi Brooke!

My current focus is time – getting myself to the point of just being able to rely on my calendar and have no to-do list – and ending indulgence in pressure / stress / overwhelm related to the things to be done on my calendar – being able to do the things without going through all that first. LOVED your free webinar – thank you for that.

I did my to-do download. It’s 13 8-1/2″ x 11″ pages long. I’m on the part of crossing out the things I “should” do but don’t really want to do – though right now my thought is there won’t be many of those. These are all things I really want to do. My question is this – do you go through and plan out all the things you really want to do? Even if you don’t want to do it for like 6 months? Or a year? Or 5? Or do you cross of anything that is something you don’t want to do RIGHT NOW?

And for the things you want to do but know you don’t want to do them right now – do you keep a paper with those things on for reference later? Or just let them go and know they’ll come up again if they are important?

Thanks much.