What to do with time? and am still struggling with some money stuff too

Hi Brooke,

I’m still struggling with what I want to do with my time. (You coached me the other week on one of the Zoom calls – I’m the one who got into debt. And I also had a question for you on the bonus call about money.) Without worrying about my money situation as much, I don’t know what I want to do with myself. I’m so used to worrying all the time and avoiding things, just wishing things would suddenly get better or time would go by so I don’t have to face things. I’m not really sure what I want to do with my time, at least in the sense of actually enjoying it :p. All I know is that I don’t want to work more (to make more money) to get myself out of debt faster. I know on the bonus call you said that I would have to focus on getting over this, that I shouldn’t just wish it away. But I still feel so much resistance and am concerned that I still don’t know what I actually want to do with my time (besides worrying) to enjoy my life more. I still need help with this getting out of this “I don’t know” and “I don’t want to” mode.

Also – I get some of the stuff you say about money, but others I have a hard time with. I mean isn’t it unfair that some people have little money and truly struggle to get by, while other people have a lot? Why do people who already make/have tons of money want even more? Why aren’t they happy with all the money they already have? For instance, I hear a lot that people want to make six (or multiple six) figures a year, and heck I’d be thrilled if I made just $30,000 (the most I’ve every made was $20,000/yr and that was years ago now). I’m also still kind of stuck on the thought that for someone to get rich, they have to get (“take”) money from others – and that not everyone has the luxury of having plenty of money to be able to spend on things they want/need. I have been working on the idea that I should be well compensated because I provide value, and other similar ideas. But I still get stuck with that because supposedly one of the things I do for work is valuable/what a lot of people want, but this work is not well paid. I think that there are lots of people who do in fact do ‘valuable’ work but aren’t paid well.

Thanks in advance for your insight/response.