Tired as a negative emotion

I am so surprised to have found that I feel tired is a negative emotion! And… a huge challenge for me is getting myself to go to bed at an early hour, giving myself enough time to get the rest I need. This has been going on for two decades ( I stay up too late doing this that or the other thing that doesn’t really need to be done), and then I’m tired the next day and don’t have as much energy for the things I want to do, or I’m just not in the greatest mood because I’m tired ).

Tonight, doing my daily homework on the thought that “tiredness is a negative emotion”, I found that the feeling this thought gives me is – resigned. OMG… I am not a person to resign myself to much of anything! This exercise has been so helpful for me but I am also stuck on why I would keep myself up so late, allowing myself to feel tired when the thought of “ I will give my body the sleep it needs; I will be good to my body”, has an R of one of the positive feelings I most want …. feeling energized and vibrant!

Any suggestions for going deeper with this, so I can figure out why I might constantly resign myself to staying up too late/getting too little sleep? Thanks for any tips/suggestions!