Tired & Unmotivated

4.8lbs to go to hit my ultimate goal weight.

C Scale says 1X2.8
T Losing more weight is going to be hard – I’m tired and unmotivated
F Unmotivated
A Listlessly go about my day, don’t plan the day for future success, I don’t set my future self up for success, I create feelings of anxiety that spiral out, I don’t practice generating emotions that create the life I want, I feel resistant to feelings of “unmotivated”
R I make losing more weight hard and not fun. I let my lizard brain dictate my actions. I create a ‘meh’ life on autopilot.

C Scale says 1X2.8
T I am becoming a person who sticks to my goals and believes HARD even when feeling unmotivated
F Self-confidence
A I plan my day out with love, I do thought work to stick to it, I stick to my protocol and speak nicely to myself inside my brain, I praise current self for setting future self up for success, I consciously thank my past self for getting me this far, I don’t call myself lazy, I tell myself that tired and unmotivated are part of the process and treat myself nicely, and I stick to the plan. I go on my planned 20 minute walk, and I go get squash from the store even though I don’t feel like it.
R I stick to my goals and develop self-confidence, I achieve my goals, I strengthen a loving relationship with myself

Some other bridge thoughts I came up with:

– I can be tired/unmotivated AND I can follow through anyway
– Sometimes I feel tired and unmotivated, and that’s okay
– Feeling tired and unmotivated is not a problem, and it’s not a reason not to follow through
– Tired and unmotivated is not a reason to stop, it’s a reason to keep going.
– Everyone who’s ever lost the last 5lbs has felt tired and unmotivated – it is not a problem, it’s the path forward

Open to any feedback or suggestions!!