Too much protein?

Hi! I just finished watching the majority of videos in the Stop Overeating program (on #43, I think), and as of June 11 started IF and elimination of flour and sugar. I’ve also essentially eliminated alcohol, with the exception of one planned event. I was shocked at how it was relatively easy to delay eating until about 1 or 2 PM, and it has really allowed me to understand real hunger vs boredom or other thoughts. Amazing! It was also relatively easy for me to eliminate sugar, as I don’t really tend to eat sweets anyway. In the first week, I lost almost 4 pounds, but then I stalled, and I’m wondering why.
My protocol is eating my first meal at 1-2 in the afternoon and then a second around 5 or 6 (although I don’t always want the second one). I eat 4 oz of protein, 3 oz of cooked veggies, and the rest of the veggies are lettuce. This past week (Week 2), I was on holiday and stuck to no sugar/flour/alcohol, with the exception of some blueberries that I ate and didn’t even register (took my 2 yo to a farm and they had bushes, and we went and picked some- delicious!). While on holiday, I coudldn’t weight out what I ate, so I just focused on eating 2 eggs when I could for the protein. However, I did eat more dairy (cheese sticks). My question is whether the inability to weigh the protein could have blocked my weight loss? Or is there a chance that the dairy is getting in the way?
Thanks for your thoughts- I am so inspired and motivated by your program! Nothing else has worked, so I know this is the key (managing my mind for the first time ever!). I am trying to troubleshoot stalling instead of getting frustrated and just saying eff it: )