Too Sensitive

Hi Brooke and Coaches,
I was just on the phone with someone today that we have hired to help with a very important aspect of our business. What we have hired him to deal with is pretty complex and I had some questions to ask him. As I was asking him questions, I could hear in his voice that he was getting very frustrated and irritated with me about what I was asking, but I wanted to be sure I was understanding what he needed from me to get the job done. For some reason his reaction of frustration, irritation, and almost anger towards me about what I was asking him triggered some kind of deep feeling inside of me that I cannot pinpoint, and has left me upset and in tears. I know that how he was acting has everything to do with him and not with me (I know his job is stressful because he has hundreds of clients just like me to deal with these complex jobs), but I have almost these seemingly involuntary reactions sometimes when someone talks to me in a tone like that and I just immediately feel upset for some reason.

What I can’t understand is that I have always been this way ever since I can remember, where I’m so incredibly sensitive that other people’s actions trigger this kind of reaction out of me where I find myself in tears and upset. The good news is, ever since I have started listening to Brooke’s podcasts I have gotten so much better about this because I understand that other people’s actions are circumstances and that it has nothing to do with me. But I still sometimes have this ‘sensitive’ reaction to other people that seem to ‘trigger’ my emotions that leave me upset like this. How can I access the deep feeling inside of me that seems to just come out with no warning? I have always hated this part of myself when I find myself in tears over someone else’s actions, and in the past have beat myself up for this. How can I help myself to where I don’t have these seemingly involuntary reactions to other people? It has gotten better and I know I can overcome this, I just need some help from my wonderful coach(es) 🙂 Thank you!